Dr. Sveta Silverman

I am an immigrant from former USSR, double trained physician as pediatric surgeon in Soviet Union and surgical pathologist with breast pathology expertise in Canada, but my passion is to teach health. I am on a mission to empower and educate millions of people how to improve their health from inside out, from their cells.

Cellular health and cellular happiness depends on our choices. As a doctor of cells, I diagnose cancer and unhealthy cells, and my mission is to teach everyone that they hold "the remote control" to the gateway of their overall health. In a pandemic, health is of the utmost importance, but not everyone explains it in a simple and relatable way. 

I have a unique understanding of the deep cellular processes, and I have a gift and moral obligation to teach people in a way that empowers them with the action steps they can take to change their overall health. Health and quality of life equals choices and knowledge. 

I am so happy to welcome and see you on this website to be a part of our journey to health. 

How is about that? 

love you, thank you again. 

hugs literally.