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Little Things Make us Happy, are you Paying Attention

Have you ever caught yourself in a happy moment? I believe it's the little things that make us happy, whether we notice them or not. Recognizing these small moments can give our cells a little jolt of happiness, almost like a cleansing moment, making them healthier. For example, visiting the Farmers Market made me very happy, especially finding fresh, local broccoli. These little moments of happiness contribute to our overall health. Instead of focusing solely on the big things, let's appreciate and dwell on the small, positive moments in life.

Importance of Proper Fish Oils

My mission is to educate people about better health, and today, I want to talk about the importance of fish oils. I'm a proud representative of LifeVantage and believe in the quality of our omega products. Fish oils, rich in essential fatty acids, are crucial for cellular health, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being. Clean, sustainable sources of fish oils are vital, and I trust LifeVantage for their high-quality standards.

Enjoy your food, play with food and experiment with your food, have fun

I love experimenting with and teaching about healthy foods. We recently discussed dairy-free options like oat milk kefir and homemade kombucha. While shopping at Costco, I found organic coconut milk and decided to make coconut yogurt with probiotics. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to subscribe to my podcast for more health teachings!

Discover the benefits of Axio

Simply dilute in water and enjoy anytime—during workouts, at work, or on a walk. I rely on Axio daily to stay energized, focused, and calm throughout my busy schedule. Packed with proven ingredients like thiamine, magnesium, vitamin B, and low caffeine for a gentle boost, Axio enhances cognitive health, improves sleep, reduces stress, and promotes overall calmness. Experience the difference Axio can make in your life.

Unlocking Cellular Vitality: Introducing LifeVantage's Tri-Synergizer Essence

Introducing LifeVantage's flagship product, the Tri-Synergizer Essence. This product harnesses the power of Nrf2 and Nrf1 Pendulum to enhance cellular detoxification and energy production through mitochondria support. These synergistic formulations are crucial for maintaining cellular health, vitality, and proper aging.

Introduction to the Mitochondria

Let's dive into how this powerhouse organelle impacts our daily lives and what we can do to optimize its function. Join me as we explore simple lifestyle changes, from hydration and nutrition to exercise and supplementation, all aimed at nurturing our mitochondria and enhancing our overall well-being.

Presentation with Alexis on AXIO

Alexis Gard discusses Life Vantage's mission of leveraging relationships for health and wealth. Life Vantage's history, dating back to 1988, emphasizes its focus on nutrition research and the success of its products like Nerf 2 synergizer. Dr. Sveta Silverman then delves into Axio, a product known for its calming effects, with ingredients such as Elon, magnesium, and vitamin B complex.

TrueScience® Liquid Collagen and Glow Stack Comes to Canada!

I'm excited to share that Glow Stack has finally made its way to Canada! But this isn't just about skincare; it's about cellular wellness and overall health. In this video, I uncover how this isn't just a product—it's about empowering lives and securing futures. Let's connect, explore, and thrive together.

Stress.... everyone has it!

In this video I talk about stress and the impact that it has on our lives. Everyone experiences stress, I would like to bring awareness to you and your body as to how it can impact your body.

Interview with Victor Sagalovsky on Deuterium

Watch my recorded interview about Deuterium, deuterium depleted water, deuterium heavy water and it’s health benefits. This concept is very new to me and there is no better way than to interview, Victor Sagalovsky, founder of Lifewater Scientific.

Healthy Ways to Help Your Body When Stressed

Now that we have talked about how stress can impact your body. Let's discuss some ways to help your body while stressed.

Chair Yoga

I offer a space to enjoy a lesson in yoga every Sunday. To join the event, please see the event page for details to join. If you have missed any previous sessions, you can enjoy them here on your own time.

Interviews with Dr. Bob Miller

Since 2004, I have been on the quest of learning the genes and epigenetics, aka what controls the genes and indeed, how can I control and update and re-boot my genes and my epigenome. I have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Bob Miller and you can watch these interviews here.